Symposium 2019

The Shift Happens network had its inception in a 2-day symposium on 10-11 October 2019.
The symposium brought together invited leaders in educational thought and practice across higher education in Queensland, and also more broadly across Australia.

Key Features


A keynote from education futures expert Professor Jane Gilbert


Future higher education scenarios as a provocation for interrogating the future direction and impact of current trends


A synthesis of the literature on higher education utopian futures


Collaborative ideation that sought to balance reaction to influences with proactive vision-directed actions


Practice sharing from participant teams


Collective future-focused action planning

Symposium Outputs

Shift Happens challenged participants to think, discuss and take considered action about futures that we would like to create for higher education in times of complexity and change.

During the Symposium, participants created some principles and practices for the future-capability of higher education.

Initiate a Shift Happens Event

The Shift Happens symposium team developed a number of resources to support future thinking across the event. These included Future HE scenarios, “The Future Talks Back” video, workshop ideation activities and a literature synthesis of HE ‘utopian futures’.

If you would like to host your own Shift Happens event, you’re most welcome to use these resources. You can also contact us for assistance in setting up your event.