This page lists some projects led by Shift Happens network members that are concerned with higher education futures and futuring.

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Shift Happens – navigating the future of universities: A white paper for university senior leadership

Shift Happens Network
Shift Happens network members are working collaboratively to develop a white paper for university senior leadership.

How future-capable are our university courses?

Professor Ruth Bridgstock, Dr Abbe Winter, Chantelle Warren, Michelle Grant-Iramu, Dr Sakinah Alhadad
To answer this question, the project investigates existing 21st century capability frameworks and undergraduate curriculum documents. To what extent do they reflect the projected needs of learners in the Fourth Industrial Age and what are the opportunities for augmentation and innovation?

Future-focussed curriculum literacy for educational wellbeing

Professor Ruth Bridgstock, Michelle Grant-Iramu; Louise Maddock, Katharina Gutjahr-Holland (undergraduate student)
A project that aims to build students’ agency over their own learning by enhancing their knowledge of curriculum design.

How can we leverage the science of learning to transform student learning?

Dr Sakinah Alhadad, Dr Jude Williams, Rhys Cooper, Nathan Seng, Chris Dell
A project that engages students as active producers and facilitators of knowledge translation, with equity and epistemic diversity at its heart.

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