How future-capable are our university courses?

To answer this question, this project investigates existing 21st century capability frameworks and curriculum documents of undergraduate degrees. To what extent do they reflect the projected needs of learners in the Fourth Industrial Age and what are the opportunities for augmentation and innovation?

The project How future-capable are our university courses? investigates the extent to which 21st century capability frameworks reflect the projected needs of learners in the Fourth Industrial Age, given the latest and best information about social and economic trends and technological and scientific advances. It then explores the extent to which, and ways in which, 21st century capabilities and pedagogies are addressed in the curricula of contemporary university degree programs. Through an analysis of published subject and degree program syllabi across eight undergraduate degrees in two Australian universities, the project examines how these degrees are prioritising 21st century capability development and the ways educators are choosing to foster these capabilities.

Drawing on this analysis, the project seeks to highlight opportunities for the strengthening and augmentation of university degrees. This includes the identification of innovative practice within degree programs that may offer insights for others who are seeking to embark on the journey.

Professor Ruth Bridgstock, Dr Abbe Winter, Chantelle Warren, Michelle Grant-Iramu, Dr Sakinah Alhadad

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